Some bowls from last weekend (thrown on October 31st–Halloween):


This bowl was thrown from 2.5 pounds of clay, if I remember correctly.  Turned out pretty symmetrical and not too thick.


This one became a bit unstable and I had to cut some off the top, which was getting too thin.  Turned out ok though.  When I trimmed it I had to even out the top first.


I thought this turned out pretty well, though I’m not sure what it’s supposed to be.  Vase? Stout pencil holder?  Unfortunately, when I went to trim it, I found that it had been somewhat damaged in the studio when someone transferred it off the bat onto a board.  I tried to smooth it out, but don’t know how it will look.  Maybe the glaze will cover it up sufficiently.

Learned a neat trick that helped my throwing a lot, which is to keep my sponge clean.  I had previously left it with lots of silt all over it, thinking that silt is better than water?  But then the watery clay just kept causing trouble and clumping up on my walls.