I recently switched from BHC (custom clay blend for Blossom Hill Crafts) to Big Sur, and I’m happy I did!  Big Sur is a whiter clay and feels more gritty.  It’s far easier to pull the clay up, for some reason, and even though I hadn’t thrown for a few weeks, i felt more comfortable with it.  It seems to be a much more forgiving clay (which makes me wonder why they give all the beginners BHC — maybe the grit is rough on new hands?).

Also I switched from Saturday morning classes to Monday evenings.  Hopefully that means I won’t miss as many classes due to random weekend plans.

I’ve been recently making “dartington” boxes, which does not seem to have any appropriate hits on Google, so I don’t know if it’s a made up name… It’s basically a round “box” with lid, but the cool part is that the lid “makes itself.”   Instead of having to throw the lid separately and measure it to make sure it fits, you just throw one piece, with a closed top.  I’ll post photos once I get my pieces back.