These are the dartington boxes I threw a few weeks back.  I just went in yesterday to glaze them, so I’m hoping they turn out well…I hope the glaze doesn’t make the lid stick onto the rest of the box.

This first one I put a layer of slip on it right after I threw it.  Supposedly you can also put it on at the leather-hard stage, so I may do that in the future, since this really limits how much trimming you can do.

This one’s pretty unique, because the top (when you’re throwing) becomes the bottom of the box.  The design on the “top” was made with a wire tool placed stationary against the bat, and spinning the wheel to remove the object.  One of the instructors actually made this one.

This is probably the most standard one I made, although I put in a subtle spiral pattern on the top with the trimming tool (can’t see it in the photo).

To make these boxes, you throw a cynlinder, and then close up the top.  Once it has the shape you like, you take a clothespin and push it in on the side, where you would like your lid/box division to be, keeping in mind if you would like the lid to have the smaller inner lip, or if you want that on the bottom box part (decided by if you trim the lid off on the bottom of the pushed in part, or on the top of it).

For trimming, it’s basically just trying to make it fit and look nice.  It took me a loong time.

Glazing took a long time as well…you have to wax not just the bottom but all the points at which the lid and box will touch (you fire them together, so they stay fitting). And then hope that the glaze doesn’t run too much!

I should get the finished product back in the next week, so I’ll post photos of how they turn out.