I started this blog to keep track of my progress in my pottery class, and document useful information such as what glazes I used and how they turned out.

My first experience with throwing on a wheel was in high school, when a teacher of mine helped me make a vase on her pottery wheel.  It’s lopsided, but it’s the first piece I ever threw! More recently, my cousin showed me some basics of throwing on the wheel, and I started looking for classes in the Bay Area.

I started taking classes around September 2009 at Blossom Hill Crafts, and as I have recently started getting more pieces back that are completed, I realize it’ll be difficult for me to keep track of what glazes I used on which pieces.  I thought it might also be nice to have a digital record of my progress (hopefully).  I’ll try to show some unfinished pieces, finished pieces, and pieces being put to good use.

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