I recently switched from BHC (custom clay blend for Blossom Hill Crafts) to Big Sur, and I’m happy I did!  Big Sur is a whiter clay and feels more gritty.  It’s far easier to pull the clay up, for some reason, and even though I hadn’t thrown for a few weeks, i felt more comfortable with it.  It seems to be a much more forgiving clay (which makes me wonder why they give all the beginners BHC — maybe the grit is rough on new hands?).

Also I switched from Saturday morning classes to Monday evenings.  Hopefully that means I won’t miss as many classes due to random weekend plans.

I’ve been recently making “dartington” boxes, which does not seem to have any appropriate hits on Google, so I don’t know if it’s a made up name… It’s basically a round “box” with lid, but the cool part is that the lid “makes itself.”   Instead of having to throw the lid separately and measure it to make sure it fits, you just throw one piece, with a closed top.  I’ll post photos once I get my pieces back.


A scarf I recently knit for Tyler’s mom.  One of the more complicated patterns I have attempted.  Here it is being blocked on a ironing board.

Thanks to NiseyKnits for the link to the pattern at ravelry.com.  You have to create a free account to view the pattern (also free).

This one turned out the most interesting, with three distinct areas.  Somehow the overlapping area became shiny while the sides remained matte.


I liked the beige and jade combination so much, I glazed four more bowls with those glazes.  Here is a smallish bowl, dipped 2/3 in beige and then 2/3 in jade, with 1/3 overlapping.


Same for this larger bowl.  This was my first “larger” object that I threw.  I didn’t really trim a foot on the bottom, since I thought it looked sort of nice without one.  We’ll see how it turns out.


I got sort of bored with just dipping in glazes, so I tried the syringe approach and squirted this bowl with some jade over the beige.  Don’t know how it’ll look after it’s fired…  Same with this one:


These are the bowls I threw last week. I went back Sunday night to trim them.


This one is the largest, but the shape is not really all that interesting, I was just happy to have thrown something this large and have it be even.


This vase/pencil holder object turned out to have a pretty nice shape after trimming. There is a small gash from someone’s finger though 😦 Hope it turns out ok.


Another bowl! The top of this one had to be evened out a bit in the trimming, but it turned out well.


This is my favorite so far.  I dipped the whole thing in Beige, and then dipped half in Leo’s Jade.  I like the earthy tones.  In fact, I liked it so much I glazed a few more pieces yesterday with the same colors (though to be fair, I was also lazy and didn’t want to wash more glaze paddles than necessary).


This planter was supposed to be more blue than brown.  I had glazed it in chun blue, hoping that it would be mostly blue, and brown on the thinner parts, but it came out pretty brown.  I glazed it again and put it through the kiln again, with the same result =(  Maybe it requires multiple coats?

Some bowls from last weekend (thrown on October 31st–Halloween):


This bowl was thrown from 2.5 pounds of clay, if I remember correctly.  Turned out pretty symmetrical and not too thick.


This one became a bit unstable and I had to cut some off the top, which was getting too thin.  Turned out ok though.  When I trimmed it I had to even out the top first.


I thought this turned out pretty well, though I’m not sure what it’s supposed to be.  Vase? Stout pencil holder?  Unfortunately, when I went to trim it, I found that it had been somewhat damaged in the studio when someone transferred it off the bat onto a board.  I tried to smooth it out, but don’t know how it will look.  Maybe the glaze will cover it up sufficiently.

Learned a neat trick that helped my throwing a lot, which is to keep my sponge clean.  I had previously left it with lots of silt all over it, thinking that silt is better than water?  But then the watery clay just kept causing trouble and clumping up on my walls.

IMG_0366A smallish bowl I threw, potentially to be made into a planter if I trim a hole in the bottom.  It’ll be nice to plant a succulent or two in it.

IMG_0367Another similar bowl, thrown with a little over a pound of BHC clay.

IMG_0368A big shallow bowl, made with about 3.5 lbs of clay, my largest yet.  I had some trouble centering it and probably added too much water, because it started to sag towards the end.  I ended up blow-torching it to stiffen it up a bit, and managed to save it.



Some bowls I trimmed today (10/24), thrown last week 10/17.  I’m pleased that they are symmetrical.  The one on top was the largest piece I had thrown at that time (threw a larger one today).